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Graphic design is the heart of all marketing collaterals. In this digital age, the content on the internet relies on graphics. Without them, the online and mobile world will be dull, boring, and lifeless. It may seem like a graphic designer’s job is a simple one that involves putting together a bunch of pictures and colours. However, the most successful artists would tell you that it’s serious work, especially when you consider the impact that digital marketing has today. 

A well-designed graphic can boost a company’s sales and turn a business into an iconic brand. At the other end of the spectrum, a poor layout can miss the target audience and potentially damage the image of a company. Here are examples of common graphic design mistakes:

1. Doing too much

The true mark of an excellent graphic artist is his ability to deliver a message with conciseness. If you look at the most famous company logos, they are all simple but memorable. For example, look at Apple’s bitten apple logo. It’s incredibly simple, but it took an expert designer to create that iconic look. Great design doesn’t have to be flashy. Rather, it’s all about resonating with your target audience.

2. Using too many fonts

It’s human nature to want bigger and better things. In the world of graphic design, however, bigger is not always better. Overdoing things is one of the most common mistakes eager visual artists make. They think that if they don’t show all their cards to a client, they appear to be underqualified. 

Consistency is critical when it comes to selling a brand. Customers like knowing what they’re getting every time. That is why store franchises look the same, regardless of where they are in the world. In terms of graphic design, using too many fonts or changing fonts for every collateral disrupts a company’s branding. 

Take the Coca-Cola font, for example. It’s been the same for more than a hundred years. It’s old, but still relevant to this day. It makes Coke come across as a classic, reliable drink that’s remained timeless over the years. 

3. Using free images all the time

Stock images are great. They’re free, but it’s best not to overuse them. It makes your project look cheap and unprofessional. Many stock photos are going around on the internet. When your audience sees one in front of your packaging, they will recognise it and think your product to be inferior. Never compromise quality just to save some money. 

4. Failing to understand the client

As a graphic designer, it is your role to communicate with your clients and understand their brief. You may want to put your stamp on your design as an artist. When you are hired to create something for a company, though, you need to put their needs and requests before your own.

To stay within the clients’ theme, go over their directives many times. Attend meetings and take notes. When you are presented with confusing options, consult with your client rather than make decisions on your own.

5. Being a copycat

Design trends change all the time. All graphic artists need to be in touch with what’s hot in the market. However, there is a thin line between staying relevant and being a copycat. Keep in mind that the most prominent companies have evergreen designs that outlast trends. The balance lies in looking for inspiration but remaining original. 

If you’re a budding graphic artist, avoid these mistakes, and you’re well on your way to making exceptional designs! If you’re looking for a graphic design service in the UK, we’re here to help! Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

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