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The most fastest growing trend in the digital marketing world is to invest in video marketing to help your online presence. Have you thought about how video can impact and be utilised for your law firm?

Keep reading to find out our 5 tips on how video marketing can help grow your law firm so that you can attract more clients, generate referrals and expand your brand.

Why Use Video to Grow Your Law Firm?

Getting your law firm recognised on the Internet gives you maximum outreach to your clients and prospective clients, and video plays a vital role in that recognition. It also makes the process much quicker.

Video marketing lets you create valuable content that helps you get across information in an engaging format and helps you further develop your identity. Statistics tell us that by 2017, 77% of Internet traffic will be video, signifying the growing stamp of video marketing and the ever-growing importance of implementing video into your marketing plan.

Using video in these forms helps you to build trust and authority with your audience when used strategically.

Tip 1: Using YouTube/ Interacting with Your Audience

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and one of the most powerful video tools to your disposal. YouTube’s research states that 300 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute and the number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year on year.

This statement position of YouTube can be used to your advantage to interact with your audience in an engaging and fast pace way. You can produce small educational videos, FAQ videos, course videos or even a generic promotional video. It’s important to also label and add tags which are relevant to the video and also link back your website. The additional power of YouTube is that your video is available 24/7, unlike TV advertising you do not need to schedule in your video and it also has significantly lower costs – or is even free!

Tip 2: Welcome Your Audience to Your Website with a Video

The moment a user lands on your website, a great way to connect with them is via an introductory video – it makes the experience very personal and it is your first chance to make an impression on them and introduce them to your company. You could show members of your firm, your client base, case studies or just a general overview of your core offerings. Creating your first impression has a powerful impact from the moment they land on your page.

Tip 3: Use Webinars to Attract Your Clients

Webinars are a unique way to build a relationship with potential clients; you provide them with a personal and interactive way of building a relationship with you, establishing rapport before you meet face-to-face. Organising webinars is a great way to establish, or increase your online identity and build a great community.

The webinars can be uploaded to your YouTube channel and sent out via newsletters and converted into PDFs. There are numerable ways you can engage video to help your firm.

Tip 4: Create an Online Educational Video Library

It’s no good making one video and leaving it there. As with anything digital, you have to keep doing it for it to work to it’s maximum ability. It’s key to maintain an online identity by regularly uploading videos online. We recommend you release 1 video per week, it can be from 1 minute to 3 minutes long – it can be based on the latest things going on in your firm, converting any articles into video. The options are endless.

In your production process you can film 10-20 videos in one go, to make the process as efficient and less time consuming as possible. It’s important your editor creates an intro and outro for your videos to help build your brand identity and give your videos a professional finish. You can then market the video to be released once a week.

Tip 5: Add Videos to Your Social Media

Video can be shared in multiple ways. Most social media platforms have an extensive outreach to potential clients and audiences and is dominant in the Internet community for sharing information. The videos you produce can be posted on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn just to name a few.


These 5 tips help showcase just a few ways that video can benefit your law firm. Be sure to use other ways to market your videos – send out newsletters and email campaigns providing them with links to your educational library, webinars and any other form of video you are producing.

Create call to actions, keep a track of the results such as engagement and use analytics such as Google Analytics to help you keep track of this. It’s vital to measure the impact, so you know where to improve and re-test.

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