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Unless acting was a missed call of yours, chances are, you won’t be the first one to volunteer to get in front of the camera for your company’s marketing videos, are we right? Fear not because that’s where we step in. It has taken us quite some time here at Cincera to perfect our video face but now we’re writing this guide to help you be the Brad Pitt of your next video marketing campaign.

First, let’s start with why being on camera is so scary? By understanding where the fear of getting in front of the camera comes from, you’ll be more consciously aware and maybe able to control it a little bit better. From a scientific perspective, when stage fright kicks in, it’s not only that you forget your lines, but your brain holds you back from even producing the correct words. So, rehearsal may be a good place to start in overcoming your camera-shyness; bringing us to our first tip…

1. Get Familiar with the Script

Regardless of whether you’ve been involved in writing and putting the script together, or not, familiarise yourself with it and get comfortable with the words, the order of words, the tone etc. You’re responsible for delivering those words – no pressure! However, reading the script out loud a good few times, will do wonders for your confidence when delivering on camera.

2. Create an On-Camera Persona

This may sound unusual but bear with us. It’s not easy keeping it real on camera and that’s why creating a persona is important in conveying your message. Whilst you don’t want to overact in fear of scaring off your audience, you’ll also want to avoid using a monotone voice which is likely to bore your viewers! It’s about slightly elevating your normal persona and finding a happy medium to engage your viewers.

3. Look Good, Feel Great, Perform Amazingly

We know that feeling good should be an internal process but, it’s also pretty natural to feel great by looking great. Dress for the camera; your outfit should help you achieve your goal, not distract your audience. Ensure it’s flattering yet appropriate. Tip: We’ve heard solid colours are a good shout!

4. A Note for those Behind the Camera…

It’s vital to help your subject build their confidence on-camera in order to get the best content possible, so create a nonthreatening video shooting environment to help the person in front of the camera feel at ease. Prompts and compliments will help your subject to feel good, and a good performance will follow.

5. Just Own It

Finally, you’ll be surprised how much fun it is to get in front of the camera and how soon, once you shake the nerves, you’ll be delivering an ace performance. The trick is, just do it and just own it – remember you’re the star of the show!

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