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Martin James Network

A network of organisations

Unleashing visual impact and efficiency – empowering a diverse network

Martin James Network (MJN) is a network of organisations unlocking potential and empowering change. By embracing our CaaS subscription, specialising in graphic design and video editing, MJN enhanced their efficiency, reduced costs and maintained consistent branding. This ultimately drove the visual impact and effectiveness of their collective efforts across their diverse range of organisations.

Before embracing our CaaS subscription and partnering with our skilled team, the Martin James Network faced a multitude of challenges that posed obstacles to their graphic design and video editing processes:

  • Each organisation within the Martin James Network independently handled their graphic design and video editing needs, resulting in fragmented branding and inconsistent visual content. This challenge required a unified approach to design and content production.
  • Smaller organisations within the network faced limitations in budget and staff capacity to effectively handle design and editing tasks. They needed a solution that maximised resources while minimising costs.
  • Without external collaboration, the network’s organisations faced a limited range of design ideas and approaches. They sought a team that could provide fresh perspectives, foster creative collaboration, and overcome the challenge of potential stagnation in design concepts.
  • Managing design and editing tasks internally proved to be time-consuming, diverting valuable resources away from core activities. The network required an agency partner capable of handling the creative execution of graphic designs and videos, allowing their internal teams to focus on primary objectives and enhance overall productivity.
  • They faced challenges in meeting increased demand for graphic design and video editing during busy periods or when handling large-scale projects. They needed a solution that provided scalability without the need for significant internal headcount adjustments.

Our CaaS subscription enabled MJN to effectively address their key challenges, overcome fragmentation, optimise resources, improve quality and efficiency, foster innovation, and maintain brand consistency across their diverse range of organisations.

  • Scalability and flexibility across multiple brands
    As MJN consists of a range of organisations with varying sizes and requirements, from charities to leading edge technology brands, our CaaS subscription offered scalability and flexibility to accommodate the varying needs of all organisations within MJN. We seamlessly adapted to increased demand for design and editing services during busy periods or specific projects, supporting the network’s growth.
  • Cost Efficiency
    With our in-house team of graphic designers and video editors, MJN leveraged shared resources and expertise, reducing overall costs associated with maintaining separate design and editing teams. Our cost-effective solution provided substantial savings for each organisation within the network.
  • Time-Saving and Productivity
    Outsourcing graphic design and video editing tasks to our talented team freed up valuable time and resources for the network’s organisations. By entrusting these tasks to us, they could focus on core competencies, strategic initiatives, and overall productivity, yielding significant time savings.
  • Consistent Branding
    By relying on our dedicated creative team for all their design needs, MJN ensured consistent branding across their diverse range of organisations. Our collaborative approach maintained a unified visual identity, adhering to messaging and brand guidelines, fostering recognition and cohesion throughout the network.

Through our CaaS subscription, MJN successfully transformed their visual impact and operational efficiency. By addressing their challenges related to design fragmentation, resource constraints, innovation, time management, and scalability, our collaboration empowered them to enhance brand visibility, streamline processes, and achieve consistent and impactful visual content across their organisations.

That was a fast turnaround. We've struggled for years to create a timeline and this is the first time everyone is very pleased. Thank you!

– Kara Cousins-KamariMartin James Foundation

Thank you all these videos look great! I really like the change in background colours; it creates an impactful variation.

– Wadzie TachiveyiFoster Talk
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