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RATP Dev Transit London

Bus Operator in London

Enabling scalability for one of London’s largest bus operator’s in-house Communications & Engagement team

Through our collaborative partnership, our talented team were able to seamlessly integrate with their internal operations. Acting as an extension of their in-house communication and engagement team, we provided the support and expertise they needed to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Before subscribing to our CaaS solution, RATP Dev Transit London faced several challenges that hindered their creative processes:

  • The consistent demand for graphic design, video, and photography content across their ten bus garages in London necessitated a reliable agency partner. They required a team that could consistently deliver high-quality work and maintain brand consistency across all locations.
  • RATP Dev Transit London needed a team that could provide fresh creative ideas to convey key messaging in an engaging way suitable for a wide audience, ranging from Bus Drivers, Engineers, senior stakeholders to passengers.
  • With multiple teams spread across different locations within the organisation, RATP Dev Transit London needed a centralised platform that would streamline the process of task submission, file review, and upload. They desired a solution that would foster seamless collaboration and provide full transparency.
  • The nature of their industry often led to last-minute communication updates that required swift dissemination throughout the organisation. The ability to deliver digital and print materials within tight deadlines was crucial.

From seamless collaboration and brand consistency to swift content delivery, our CaaS solution empowered RATP Dev Transit London to scale up their in-house Communications & Engagement team and elevate their impact in the bus transportation industry.

  • Access to specialised talent
    By entrusting us with their graphic design, video, and photography requirements, RATP Dev Transit London benefits from consistent quality and streamlined processes. Our team handles all aspects of their creative projects, alleviating the hassle of managing and coordinating with multiple suppliers.
  • Streamlined communication
    Our bespoke portal serves as a centralised hub where their Communication and Engagement team as well as other teams throughout the business such as L&D and Recruitment teams can easily request, review, and access all their design and creative projects in one place. This eliminates the stress of overflowing email inboxes and ensures efficient workflow management without any bottlenecks.
  • Consistency in branding and reliable delivery
    We have developed bespoke templates specifically designed for urgent updates and key communication messaging. These templates enable RATP Dev Transit London to quickly display important information on digital screens across the bus garages and distribute print materials promptly.

Through our collaborative partnership, we have successfully delivered a range of impactful graphic design and video projects for RATP Dev Transit London, showcasing our ability to captivate audiences and elevate their brand presence.

Here are some examples of work we have delivered for them:

Video Examples – Bus Driver of The Year, Annual Awards, Award Evening Assets, Corporate Video, Training Videos, editing their internal videos

Graphic Design Examples – Monthly newsletter, road safety posters campaigns, recruitment adverts for newspapers and bus displays


The team at Cincera are such a pleasure to work with, very approachable, adapt to our given requirements and deliver with such professionalism to produce high quality videos, photography, animation and design work. Our communications at RATP Dev Transit London has really elevated as a result of the months of hard work in planning, coordination and prioritisation of work to deliver during such uncertain times. Thank you for helping me and my team to do this, and bringing to the table such creativity and leadership. As a client you want to work with a supplier that has the same outlook to helping to serve others and the values you embody - the whole team at Cincera are exactly that and an extended part of our team.

– Shetal JoshiSenior Communications & Engagement Manager
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