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We live in a world where you are judged on your appearance from the moment you step into a room, walk down the street and even turn up for a job interview.

It can sometimes be hard to remember that we are all individual but still share the same values of wanting equality, acceptance and have a need to be cared for no matter our background and what our life circumstances are.

This thought-provoking video from Deloitte focuses of the pre-judgements society make about us based on impressions and ideals of what a woman is, a man is, a person of religion, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy just to name a few and how these things don’t take away from the ability or make a person less qualified of being able to do their jobs.

Respect and inclusion is not just a concept that is applied within the four walls of our own homes or even communities, it is something that should be applied across the board with countries across the world – with this, these impressions and ideals of judgement will disappear and we will all live in a more peaceful world.

This video we feel puts that message across in a way that every person watching can relate to, it picks on experiences we may have all experienced in some shape or form within our lives.

Video doing what it does best, putting a message across in an emotional and thought provoking way.

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