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Service Details

Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the services included in the subscription plan?

Our subscriptions offer graphic design and video editing. (This does not include: logos, brand guidelines, or custom animations). A full breakdown of what’s included in the plans are here.

Are there any limitations or restrictions on the number of requests or revisions per month?

There are no limits to how many requests you can submit, however, with one subscription, our team will work through your request queue one task at a time. Once we’ve understood your requirements, we can share our subscription proposal with you.

What is the turnaround time for design requests?

This depends on the detail and complexity of the brief. For example; a) A new social media graphic – 1-2 day, b) Updating an existing template – same day, C) Video edit (add logos, music etc) – 2-3 days

Can you accommodate urgent or time-sensitive design requests if needed?

Yes, our team is happy to accommodate occasional instances where urgent requests are required. However if it’s more regular then we can discuss further to find the best solution to make it work long-term.

Are there any additional services or benefits included in the subscription plan?

Our Delux plan includes ‘Creative Direction’ so our team would provide ideas and guidance based on your request or campaign based on their industry expertise and insights.

Design Process

How do you handle design briefs and requests? Is there a specific platform or system for submitting and tracking requests?

Everything is managed through our bespoke portal which enables you and/or your team to request, review and access all your creative projects from one dashboard. We are more than happy to arrange a demo call with you.

Will I have a dedicated point of contact or account manager for my design needs?

Regular communication regarding your requests would be handled by your dedicated designer or editor. For any other additional support you’ll also be assigned an account manager.

How do you ensure brand consistency across different design assets and projects?

The same designers and editors would work on your requests so they can really get to know your brand. They would also follow your brand guidelines and, if you’d like, previous examples for consistency.

How many rounds of revisions are included for each design request? Are there additional charges for exceeding the revision limit?

There is no revision limit. We are currently working with our portal provider to develop further features to improve the feedback process, such as the capability to annotate designs directly in the request thread.

Can I provide feedback and request revisions directly to the designer(s) working on my projects?

Absolutely. Each request has its own thread and you or other members of your team can contribute directly.

What is the preferred mode of communication for design requests and feedback?

All communication would be managed via our portal.

File Formats and Ownership

What file formats will be provided for each design deliverable?

Whichever formats you require – our most popular are: PNG, JPEGs, PDFS, .MP4. (Occasionally, clients ask for source files, which we can also provide).

Will I have full ownership and rights to the design files upon completion?

Yes, as long as your monthly subscription fee is paid.

Are the designs created for exclusive use, or will they be reused for other clients?

All our designs are bespoke to your brand, so we would never reuse them for another client.

Pricing and Contract

What is the cost and billing structure for the subscription plan? Are there any additional charges for specific design services or requests?

We have two price plans and we work on one task at a time, so depending on your output requirement, we can propose the best solution. Depending on your output requirement, we can suggest the number of subscriptions required.

What is the duration of the contract? Are there any cancellation or renewal terms?

It’s a rolling monthly subscription and we just need one month’s notice to cancel.

- Is there flexibility to upgrade or downgrade the subscription plan based on changing needs?

Absolutely, it’s possible to upgrade or downgrade on your monthly anniversary date.