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Firstly, what is SaaS? It stands for Software as a Service and refers to software which is licenced on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Examples include Office 365, Netflix and Google Apps. However, if you’re reading this, I’m assuming you already know what an SaaS company is and the chances are, you either run one or are employed with an SaaS company and are looking to up your marketing game…

When it comes to video marketing, I often find the first thing SaaS clients ask is “How can there be videos if there is no tangible product?” and that is exactly the reason why we think video marketing is so effective in this field – it allows us, as a video production agency, to get creative and portray your service as one which is innovative and also that you are divergent in your thinking as a brand.

Here are a few of those ways in which you can use video in the SaaS industry;

A Promotional Video

This is the most straight forward concept when it comes to SaaS video marketing. It promotes your service, as you would a product by explaining the service itself, what it can offer for users, as well as a brief overview of the company. The video can then be put on the homepage of your website, and act as the main video for your social media and marketing in general.

Educational Videos

By having a series of informative videos, this allows you to educate your users of different aspects of the service and features they may be unfamiliar with. These videos provide more detail and serve as a guide to any technical assistance users require there and then.

Educational videos can also be transformed into FAQ videos and compiled into a support video library on your website for users to access before they think of contacting customer service.

Client Testimonials

Now that we’re thinking more outside-the-box, testimonials are a great way to strengthen confidence in the service your SaaS company provides. By having users express their positive experience with your service and also discuss the benefits on-camera, this is a guaranteed way to inject a human element into the buying process. Also, video testimonials are more memorable than written feedback.

So, despite what you may think about incorporating video marketing into the SaaS industry. It works to your advantage that you don’t have a product, allowing us to get creative and also showing your audience that you’re a forward-thinking brand. Win-win, I think!