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Video allows us to connect with our audiences in ways that written word doesn’t, and never will – this is a known fact, and whilst video is pivotal to many industries, it can prove slightly more challenging for traditional industries such as the finance and legal fields to harness this contemporary approach to marketing.

As a result, I have put together a few ways in which you can integrate video marketing into the financial and legal world, bringing you closer to your audience and assisting in achieving your marketing goals.

1. Business Introduction Video

Introduction videos give an overview of the business, the services you offer and the industry you sit in. These are the type of business-related videos your target audience would expect to see, and are the most informative videos in explaining what your company does. For finance and legal firms, this is a good opportunity to explain any specialised concepts or terms which are important to understanding the field.  Having a couple of videos explaining the company from a high level is ideal, as well as taking it a step further with shorter videos for each core offering.

2. FAQ Videos

Frequently Asked Question videos are as self-explanatory as they sound. If prospective clients are on the FAQ page of your website, this in itself suggests that they are interested in the service being offered. So, by turning questions and text into video, this is likely to provide more engaging and memorable content, thus increasing conversions. You can also utilise these videos across various different platforms such as social media, instead of having the FAQ as written text.

3. Meet the Team

Trust is a fundamental part of your relationship with your client, and even moreso in Finance and Law. Meet the team videos will assist you in building trust with potential clients and customers, even before you have met them. This is because customers are able to familiarise themselves with the company through the people that work for it and instantly build an implicit bond with the brand. Remember, it is all about humanisation with brands in today’s world.

4. Case Studies

Why not take the humanisation process of building your brand further by converting client work into case studies. As with FAQ videos, by having a video instead of text, not only are previous clients able to vocalise their positive feedback, it is more memorable to new clients compared to written feedback. Client testimonials are also a simulation of ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendation – the most effective form of marketing.

As with the various different industries we work with at Cincera, these are all great ideas for those in the Legal and Finance industries to get ahead of the ‘online curve’ using video and to stay ahead of their competition in a typically-traditional industry by providing engaging and memorable content to future consumers.