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Making the best use of video, at your business, in your organisation, and for your individual clients, takes an eye for detail and fresh, new ways to really capture the viewer’s attention, compelling content with a purpose.

These tips will help you be more creative, and keep your content at the top of the Google search engines, and even the prime-time lineup of tv and movie screens, all over the country.

1. Present Your Story With Clear Goals

You’ll need a script, and goals for what you want to accomplish, along with steps for achieving that goal. You also need the story, a brief but interesting summary that includes your characters, supporting players and key events, ideally in a single shot, allowing viewers to get in touch with your characters, and hopefully become as invested in your story as they become in your characters.

2. Develop and Use Images

You can use video clips to keep viewers on track and keep them involved, but images help to tie all the messages together. If you can find great photos with clean, solid tones, then you can use them to tell your story, with great impact.

3. Create Your Script

You’ll need a copy of your company’s logo, plus a logo for each of your actors, as well as their character names, to give the project a professional look. You’ll also need a one-page script, covering all the points of your story, with two options for scenes to illustrate each point.

4. Choose Your Media

You can either work with a professional video producer to create the video or do it yourself. Either way, the content needs to be ready to go, in terms of photos, graphics and sound effects. If you choose to do it yourself, you’ll need a solid idea of how your project will work, the budget you’re willing to spend, the images you need, and how much time you have to shoot and edit it, so you can get it done right, to show off your story, and great photography.

5. Use Your Video for Promotional Purposes

Regardless of whether you choose to create the video yourself, or hire someone to do it for you, you’ll need to promote it and tell the world what it’s all about. This will help the video gain attention, and potential viewers, that will turn into business and client clients, along with a steadily growing fan base, taking the project to the next level.

There you have it! 5 great tips for making great videos at your business, that you can use to increase exposure to your clients, new clients and build your brand.