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Video Production


Graphic Design




Video Production

We are skilled in video production so whether you’re looking to produce a film about your brand, a set of case studies or training content, you’re in good hands at Cincera. We handle the entire process for you, from initial brainstorming, scripting, pre-production and shooting to post-production and marketing. We relieve you of the time-consuming aspects of video production, yet recognise that this is your video so we leave you in full control at all times.

Examples: Brand video, training videos, case study videos, customer journey videos, product demonstration videos, social media video and ads, events

Graphic Design

Good, eye-catching design is essential for any organisation with a story to tell. We have worked on campaigns for all types of businesses, large and small, around the world. Whether it’s a brochure about your business, social media graphics, video thumbnails, bright flyers and posters, exhibition banners or infographics, we can help. Our designs are fresh. They are bright. They are imaginative, and – best of all – they are sure to get your message across.

Examples: Brochures, social media graphics, video thumbnails, flyers and posters, banners, exhibition banners, infographics, email marketing assets

Motion Graphics Animation

Motion graphics animation is an effective way to bring your imagination and story to life, especially if your product or service is complex to understand and includes non-character elements such as animated logos, text and shapes. Motion graphics are a great way of demonstrating the workings of a product, concept or service, such as an app. Motion graphics are also often employed in company explainer videos – we have even created one to celebrate a client’s new brand.

Examples: Introduction video, explainer videos, company mission and values, production demonstration videos, new brand launches

PowerPoint Design

A slick-looking presentation can mean the difference between snapping up that great deal or losing out to the competition. Within your business, delivering your presentation can be an effective means of conveying your strategic vision and securing engagement in it. We are also adept at creating training slides that capture an audience’s attention and that’s important in a teaching environment. We understand how design can make, or break, communication so we do it rather well.

Examples: Sales presentations, eLearning presentations, Internal comms, Training presentations, Company overviews


New company headshots for your library? A bank of bespoke imagery for social media and marketing? Product photography? Learning the intricacies of producing high-quality photography is a skill that takes time to master so we don’t skimp on this important aspect of your project. Our talented, professional photographer has lots of experience in all types of work. He can be relied upon to turn an ordinary looking shot into something rather special.

Examples: Headshots, company team photo, bespoke stock photography, event photography, product photography

Podcast Production

Podcasting has become popular but it is so commonplace that it is not easy to maintain interest. It’s vital to nail your listeners’ attention straight away, from that crucial first episode, because you may not get another opportunity to win over your audience. Good podcasting can help you achieve your goals, large and small, regardless of whether you are using it externally, for promotion and marketing, or internally, for communication within your company.

Drone Photo & Video

Using drone imagery instantly elevates the marketing of a project to a new level and engages your target audience. Capturing images from the sky allows us to gather impressive shots from perspectives that would never be achievable with conventionalp hotography taken from the ground. It’s a great way to showcase a project and one in which we have considerable experience. Our pilot is, incidentally, fully qualified and insured, and has an excellent safety record.


We have passion for what we do and there’s nothing our team enjoys more than sharing that enthusiasm. If you’d like to brush up on your video editing skills or learn basic Adobe InDesign software, then we’d love to pass on some of our expertise. We’ve delivered training workshops in both one-to-one settings and in groups. Our workshops are hands-on and will give you the skills and knowledge to confidently create high-quality content yourself.