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Hiring a video production company to produce material for your online marketing campaigns can be a hit and miss business but there are simple things you can take into account to minimise the chances of having to work with a company who cannot deliver exactly what you are looking for.

In this article we are going to look at the five top tips for hiring a company who can be good fit for your video marketing strategy.

1. Find A Niche Video Marketing Specialist Where Possible

A good starting point is to search for your niche on Google to try and find video marketing companies who are familiar with it.

For example, if you are a dentist, then searching for terms like “video production +dentist” are a good starting point. You can then try variations of searches to see which companies out there talk in detail about historical work for companies like yours.

2. Do Due Diligence

For every company you find, check out the quality of their website. Make sure it is a proper website, full of all the pages it should have, such as clear work history examples and details of the services provided.

Check for case studies and read them in detail. Do they sound reasonable and real?

Have a look at testimonials that should be on the website. If the testimonials are attributed to a full name and company, contact them and see if they are real, and find out what they say.

Search online for the company name to see if there are any bad reviews out there. Also check the website for the names of the people who run the video marketing company. Do their names come up in relation to anything negative or odd?

3. Connect With The Video Marketing Company

Make an enquiry in general terms through the online form, or over the phone.

Check for the speed of response and also take into account how customer focused they seem.

Ask them if they have done similar work for other clients and asked them what sort of price those cost.

4. Meet With Your Potential Video Marketing Production Company

Try to organise a face-to-face meeting, or at least a video meeting over Skype.

Look for reassurance in the quality of interaction and the knowledge demonstrated. Also never ignore your “gut feeling” about the people you’re talking to.

Discuss deadlines with them. Will they be on time and on budget? What happens if they are not, what guarantees do they give?

Ask them about timescales. How long do they think it will take to deliver? How long will each part of the project take? For example, planning, filming, editing.

Ask them about marketing the video. Can they help you with marketing tips or resources?

Finally, what is their attitude towards your budget? Are they trying to nudge you up? Are they trying to upsell? Can they give you solid historical comparisons of work they have done for other people within that budget range?

5. Tightly Structure Your Project

Once you agree to work with a video production company, make sure that the structure of the project is nailed down quickly.

Ensure that the structure of the project has milestones and a proper timeline built into it.

Also, build in regular update meetings. You need to know about progress and problems. It will also give you peace of mind if you are kept regularly updated.

This is see only a brief overview. But it all relates to giving you one overall tip for hiring a video production company to produce a high-quality marketing video for you.

That tip is to make sure you are clear about what you want, what your timescales are and what your budget is. As long as you know this, you will have created strong parameters for your project to be created within.

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